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Is Content Management Dead?


Having the ability to capture as much data as you want is a very powerful capability. Never since the advent of computers has this been possible. Now with disparate data stores, such as thumb drives, laptops, large USB drives, and cloud-based drives it is difficult to put any sorts of controls on this type of data. So why try?

Taxonomies and search capabilities allows quick access to data without the cumbersome controls that traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) packages require. Therefore if your data is out there in the open, it can be indexed and search. Isn’t that what you want?

Well…actually no.

Unless you are the US government, you will be responsible for your data and therefore will need to put controls on the data to manage it. You need to determine when data can be expunged from the system based on controls. This will leave you less exposed to litigation. When litigation comes your way, and you know it will, you will need to put data on legal hold. You will need to determine that the data has not been tampered with, otherwise spoliation.

The legal argument for content management is just one of many good reasons for controlling your data. Compliance, audits, brand protection, information security, etc. are just a few more. Yet not many companies have come to the realization of the importance of controlled data. The process is long and arduous. Yet, you will be able to sleep at night. Who knows, perhaps if there is control on your data, the data can be leveraged to your other divisions. Content management also can prevent the formulation of tribal knowledge and allow seamless knowledge transfer. So embrace content management and look at it as more than just a good idea, but a technology that can propel your business. When everyone is using the controlled content, then you will be all efficiently swim in the same direction.

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